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“Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” – Matthew 10:28

Spiritual battles are inevitable in your journey as God’s faithful warrior. However, take heart, for God, your loving and all-knowing Creator and Father, has not left you defenseless. With His guidance and provision, you can face these battles confidently, knowing you have been equipped with everything you need to emerge victorious.

Just like young Hezekiah from The Sword of the Spirit: City on the Brink, we can do all things with God’s guidance and protection. Additionally, the battles that one faces may not be the same as everyone else’s. However, trusting God has covered us on all fronts helps prepare us for spiritual battles. 

What You Need as Faithful Warriors for Spiritual Battles

To be prepared for war, we must be equipped with the right equipment, or else we’ll have nothing against our opponents. This is where the armor of God comes in. This illustrative description reminds us to be prepared as faithful warriors for spiritual battles. 

Let’s examine each piece of this spiritual armor to remain faithful warriors ready for spiritual battles. 

The Belt of Truth

Scripture’s eternal truths are what we should wear all the time, compared to the lies of the enemy. Grounding yourself in God’s truth can help you stand firm and unshaken. Jesus instructed us to live with His truth at all times through God’s love.

Moreover, you should always bear the salvation He bestowed upon you through faith. That also includes the forgiveness of sin, grace, and power to live for Jesus. Through these things, we’re tightly secured in God and free from the devil’s lies. Furthermore, God’s love and salvation allow us to not be shackled anymore by the weight of sin and death. 

Breastplate of Righteousness

Breastplates have always been crucial elements that warriors should have so their torso is protected. Wearing a breastplate protects you from flying arrows and other sharp weapons that could pierce through your body. God clothes you with righteousness and safeguards your heart and character. You are shielded from guilt, shame, and condemnation attacks with His righteousness.

Jesus’ righteousness, which is freely granted to us, is the one that always protects and perseveres in our lives. On another note, your own righteousness is not enough against the devil’s charges. That is why keeping your heart in check and aligned with God’s will helps strengthen your defenses as faithful warriors in spiritual battles.

Shoes of the Gospel of Peace

Soldiers must have comfortable footwear when marching into battle. As soldiers of Christ, we are expected to put on the shoes of the Gospel to march on towards where the Lord leads us. You can walk confidently, sharing His love, hope, and reconciliation message.

Additionally, these shoes of the Gospel keep you grounded and on the right track with Him. After all, if we abide in Christ, we should also walk in the same path as He did. However, the enemy might attempt to place obstacles on our trails, but having the shoes of the Gospel gives us the strength to carry on. All while still maintaining the course, following the Lord’s footsteps, and bringing forth the Gospel to battle. 

Shield of Faith

The shield of faith is placed with the utmost importance among all the armor pieces listed so far. With unwavering trust in Him, you can repel the enemy’s attacks and stand firm in your convictions.

Your unwavering faith in God will help you block all fiery attacks from wicked forces. Moreover, faith is the fuel of your soul that keeps you in a steadfast direction as you follow Jesus. The shield of faith is essential equipment that helps you withstand external charges from the devil. 

However, you should keep in mind that this faith doesn’t come from our own abilities. God gave it to us as a gift, a measure of faith enough to move mountains. As we walk with Him, this faith grows and becomes an immovable force that allows us to live victoriously in Christ. It is no longer our own ability but Christ who strengthens us. 

Helmet of Salvation

A helmet is needed to protect the head in battle. It’s the most vital part of the body that, if left unprotected, can kill us instantly. On another note, if you have a sure knowledge of our salvation and faith in God, you will not be swayed by the enemy’s attempt to deceive your mind. That said, you should be sure you are secure in Christ, knowing full well that you are loved and forgiven.

Faithful Warriors That Fought the Spiritual Battles for God

As faithful warriors for spiritual battles, the endurance to carry on and fight won’t be easy. But rest assured that God never lost a battle since the beginning of time. If we put on the armor of God, we already won and have complete defense on all fronts. That is the life of a spiritual warrior who fought in faithfulness.  The time will come when we’ll face God. And at the end of our lives, we can finally say, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 4:7). You can experience that as well if you put on the full armor of God as a faithful warrior, always ready for any spiritual battles.

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