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Sodom and Gomorrah maybe two of the most scandalous cities in the Biblical context, but this doesn’t exclude them from being meaningful sources of lessons.

While several breathtaking cities may be chronicled in the Bible, Sodom and Gomorrah are on the opposite end. How they’re depicted is synonymous with evil and immorality, so much so that they’re intended for complete eradication as indemnification for their sins.

When people look for takeaways, they commonly concentrate on the positives. They don’t fixate on the cynical events, hoping to flesh them out for a hefty enlightenment. Instead, people focus on the events in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, or the Galilee when seeking takeaways and life advice. Stories that took place in cities like Sodom and Gomorrah serve as warnings rather than grounds for learning.

However, Some Bad Experiences Offer The Best Lessons

This way of looking at things may not be everyone’s initial option.

However, people best learn from mistakes, and bad experiences are the primary providers of these. They develop empathetic values from situations that may bring out their worst. Related situations found in the Bible can provide the same weight in lessons. People must find a way to deliver these negativities in a lighter, more meaningful light.

One way to convey this is through stories. Christian fiction is a prime example of recounting religious content through a fresher lens with more modern elements. This allows people to alter any grim content into a better narrative.

Wayman Jackson, a pundit of this genre, retells the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah to communicate a powerful message. In his book The Sword of the Spirit: City on the Brink, the author utilizes these notoriously sinful cities to craft a powerful plot with an equally powerful lesson.

Although the original tale highlights the cruelty flourishing within these lands and how the citizens were punished with sulfur and fire, Wayman opted to pivot its central point, redirecting it toward the concept of salvation. It’s taking an essentially negative account and turning it into something abundant with earnest lessons. The author bridges individuals closer to the gospel by focusing on delivering its message and crafting a more creative narrative for readers to take an interest in. With the sinful nature of Sodom and Gomorrah, people may not see much significance in the tale. But Wayman Jackson’s book spotlights some of the timeless truths it provides.

What People Can Learn From Sodom And Gomorrah

If there’s one thing the story communicates, it’s the possibility of salvation. Regardless of how sinful both cities were, God remained generous and merciful.

The cities may have breathed wickedness and sin, but He offered them a means of rescue. God promised to spare them from destruction if righteous people were ever presented before him. Above anything else, the story shows God’s ever-forgiving nature. But it also sprinkles other consequential matters readers can learn from.

Be Completely Aware Of Sins

People can be kind and choose to do good. But nobody is genuinely ever righteous. While nobody prefers to live a life similar to the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah, nobody may also be immune to temptations. People are attracted to the mundanity life offers, and this can include the materialistic and moral temptations that come with it. This distracts them from what truly matters, such as living according to God’s will and words.

The tale of both cities teaches people to choose God’s path 100%. This means they shouldn’t be half-committed to His words, urging them to identify their desires. Do they want to live in mundanity, surrounded by temptations, or do they want to belong in God’s kingdom?

Be Ready For The Coming Judgment

Before their destruction, God warned Sodom and Gomorrah about their judgment. He gave their inhabitants time to repent and choose goodness. But they failed to deliver, brushing it off as something untrue. In a similar light, people have been told about the judgment day in modern times. But most choose to dismiss this reminder and live life how they will.

God makes sure to deliver His promises, and a part of this revolves around judgment. As mentioned in the Bible, man will die once, and comes judgment. Most people believe in Heaven but don’t align their actions with this belief, which is an error. It’s hypocritical to believe in Heaven and Hell and not act where they wish to be.

Be With The Current Of Godliness

Sodom and Gomorrah show people how there is always an option to do good. They may be neck-deep in their sinful ways, but God always gives them an opportunity for redemption. It’s up to them to maximize this space and aim for change.

The world is filled with temptations. Going towards Godliness is equivalent to going against the current. It’s an uphill battle requiring effort and conscious decisions to do good. Godliness isn’t something people can achieve with little work. It’s a constant active fight against worldly temptations pulling them back.

People find themselves drifting away from His will once they let down their activeness in seeking His words and way. This takes active, focused effort and a constant decision to be one with His image.

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