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God acts in a certain way for a cause, which even explains the reason why Sodom was destroyed and turned to rubble.

Wayman Jackson, author of The Sword of the Spirit: City on the Brink, retells the tale with excellent storytelling. In his book, Christ’s work did not end when he delivered young Hezekiah from a horrific fate. But Sodom remains the same with a new twist and question: Can Hezekiah triumph and preserve the souls of its residents before the city’s anticipated demise?

But today, we’ll discuss the original story in the Bible and why God chose to transform the city into ruins.

The Happenings That Took Place in Sodom

Chapters eighteen and nineteen of Genesis provide the whole story of what occurred to the twin towns of Sodom and Gomorrah, with a previous summary in chapter thirteen. Abraham and his nephew Lot traveled a great distance together. Although both men were successful, there was tension between their shepherds. They had to end their travels.

This territory surrounded Sodom. Lot finally moved in and reared his family in the city, even though he initially wanted to live nearby. After a while, God finally made up His mind to punish the towns for their immorality.

Abraham bargained with God, promising not to destroy the cities if he could locate ten virtuous persons in each of the two cities. Abraham, however, was unable to find that many people. This makes Lot and his family were going to be the only ones saved.

As the sun rose and the appointed hour arrived, the Lord descended fire and sulfur from heaven upon Sodom and Gomorrah. God created an inhospitable valley out of the former city. There is still no fauna in the region that Christian theologians and archaeologists consider to be the exact spot of the towns.

Why Did God Demolish the City of Sodom?

Chapter Thirteen contains clues regarding the nature of Sodom and Gomorrah’s misdeeds. When the Lord first spoke about His choice, He explained that it was due to a lot of uproar against Sodom and Gomorrah, and their serious transgression. He said that he would descend to see if they’d completed the task in accordance with the cry that He heard. He’ll know if they didn’t.

Why Sodom was destroyed wasn’t just because they were committing offenses against God. The main reason is that they were causing harm to the nearby cities and people. The Bible frequently refers to Sodom and Gomorrah’s immorality. This indicates that its people were fixated on committing bodily misdeeds.

The majority of people are aware of their sexual transgressions, but they likely committed numerous other carnal sins as well. Wayman Jackson’s The Sword of the Spirit: City on the Brink tells a fantastic rendition of this story. It’s the best explanation of why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

What was God’s Reason for Saving Lot’s Family?

Abraham was unwilling to witness his nephew Lot destroyed because he loved him. There is proof that God saved Lot for reasons other than the one many believe was due to his uncle’s involvement.

The Apostle Peter explains in the New Testament why God spared Lot but destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot was troubled by all he perceived to be evil. Living among the wicked, he was troubled by their actions and made an effort to protect God’s messengers from harm.

Lot’s wife did not survive, but God saved Lot because of his faith.

Is God Too Cruel for Destroying an Entire City?

God did not simply turn a blind eye and determine that Sodom and Gomorrah were unworthy of his love. They persisted in their wrongdoing and refused to repent and turn to the Lord. They referred to Lot as judgmental and even attempted to physically harm him when he tried to persuade them to act morally only once.

Why Sodom Was Destroyed Is Completely Justifiable

God does not make any mistakes with his decisions, which makes His call the right one. Wickedness will never reign because God will never allow evil to rule the world.

In Wayman Jackson’s The Sword of the Spirit: City on the Brink, God doesn’t directly act but sends Hezekiah. Find out what happens to him and if he succeeds with the mission by purchasing a copy of the book today.

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