The sword 
       of the Spirit

City on the brink

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About the Author


Wayman Jackson is a Christian writer focusing on reaching people for Christ. Accepting a relationship with Jesus as a teenager, he wants others to take the salvation of Jesus and go to Heaven with Him. Experienced in the art of storytelling, Jackson combines his life experience of ministering the gospel, being a professional martial artist, and community service work, all to add depth to his stories. In the ministry, he has worked as a street preacher, singer, and teacher to reach out to the lost. Performing as a martial artist, Wayman uses his skill set to draw people in and tell them about Christ. Working in the community, he reaches out to people in prisons to offer them the gift of salvation. Armed with creative imagination, expertise, and a desire to save the lost, Jackson is on a mission to write literature to draw people to Jesus.


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